Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a GaugeIT device?

The recommended retail price is R3,231.00 VAT inclusive. This price also includes full connectivity to the app for 3 years.

What is the warranty and returns policy?

Please refer to the Takealot Warranty and Returns policy on this website.

Can I have multiple registrations for one user to see the status of water usage?

No. GaugeIT can only belong to one user account at a time.

How does it work if you have multiple water management meters on one income supply from the municipality and related registration online forms?

You will be able to register more than one meter on a user account.

Do you need WIFI and data in order to access the app? Do you need to be online in order to see the information or receive the updates on usage?


Do I have to be within a certain radius to see my consumption at my home residence?

No, the information is submitted digitally to the Ontec platform and the app then reads the information from the back-end system to the app. The information is managed in real-time and is not dependent on your location in relation to your home installed water meter i.e. you could be in JHB and see your home consumption in Cape Town.

What happens if there is no connectivity to the app?

Please do not dis-install the meter. Contact the service desk for support at 086 122 0244 or email servicedesk@ontec.co.za. The support staff will check that your location has coverage and if not, will request your details in order to notify you when your location will have coverage.

What if there is no connectivity to the app or the app doesn’t display any consumption information?

A coverage map is available on this website for your reference. Please check for coverage before purchasing the meter. In addition, when a customer registers on the app, the system will perform a connection test i.e. ping to make sure that the meter can be reached. If the meter cannot be reached, the customer will be instructed to contact the service desk for further assistance.

What happens if I install the meter incorrectly and I suffer water losses?

Ontec cannot be held accountable for any loss of water due to poor installation. As a caution, customers are cautioned to close the main water supply before installing the water management device. You also need to install the device correctly per the correct direction flow. Note, this is a cold water meter. Therefore, please do not install on a hot water circuit, i.e. geyser etc.

What are some of the advantages of the water management solution?

  • Municipalities have implemented punitive tariffs in all drought affected areas of South Africa. In Cape Town for example, consumption is reduced to 6kl per household which gives you 50l per person per day for a household of 4 persons. Should you exceed the 6kl, the municipality has the right to install a water restricting device. This is at the cost of the home owner or tenant and there is no choice in having this device installed. With GaugeIT households can control their consumption and avoid this expensive measure to curtail usage.


  • Another benefit, is that if your only form of measurement is council billing, you will only notice increases in month intervals which may be too late to avoid excessive charges in the new tariff structures and installations in the water restricting device. With GaugeIT you can pin-point excessive usage and eliminate the course of wastage quickly.


  • You can use your consumption data and compare it to the council bill in order to ensure that the council has billed you correctly.

How accurate are water readings?

While every effort is made to ensure that water readings are accurately displayed, data synchronization occurs anytime within the hour and not on the exact hour. As a result data may display in a different hourly range than expected.